Episode 8: Scales & Scoundrels vol. 1&2 by Sebastian Girner and Galaad

For this episode we talked about the first two volumes of the Scales & Scoundrels series: Into the Dragon’s Maw and Treasurehearts. Written by Sebastian Girner with art by Galaad and letters by Jeff Powell, it’s a fun fantasy romp that will certainly hook fans of Dungeons & Dragons.

Show Notes:

  • D&D having it’s moment
  • D&D’s influence on comics
  • Manga’s inescapable influence at this point
  • Eurocomics as a style
  • Race and class for each character
  • Webcomics as a style
  • Digital-first sequential art
  • Nausicaa’s influence on this book
  • Cartoony faces and their benefits

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